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This Week’s Happy Hour at the Tap In

This Week’s Happy Hour at the Tap In! Join us after work or after you league play! We will have food and beverage specials every Monday through Thursday. Happy Hour begins at 5:30PM Take a look at this week’s specials: Food: Roast Beef Wrap $9.00 Chef Salad $8.50 Fresh Haddock Sandwich $9 Buffalo Chicken Wings $11 Braubant […]

Backswing Checklist

Backswing Checklist By Jim McLean People say the golf swing is all about impact. But it’s what you do before impact that determines if the strike will be any good. Getting into a solid position at the top lets you swing freely on the way down. You don’t have to fight your way back into position. […]

A modern blueprint to breaking 90

A Modern Blueprint to Breaking 90 By Peter Sanders Want to break 90?  Here is my blueprint The game is a puzzle and all the pieces fit together. Each round is a mix of good shots, average shots and bad shots or errors. The challenge is to find the piece of your game’s unique puzzle […]

Flush Your Fairway Woods

Flush Your Fairway Woods By Michael Breed The thing about hitting fairway woods off the turf is, most golfers feel like they have to help them into the air. They look down and don’t see much loft on the clubface, and they know they want to launch the ball high, so what do they do? […]

What You Can Learn From a Long-Drive Champ

What You Can Learn From a Long-Drive Champ By Justin James As a former world long-drive champion, I often hear from regular golfers that they’ll never come close to being able to swing like me. Not true. You can. If you copy even a little of my technique, the ball is going to come off […]

John Rahm: Low Scores Start with Maxing Out Your Drives

John Rahm: Low Scores Start with Maxing Out Your Drives By John Rahm There might be some par 4s where it makes sense to tee off with a 3-wood or an iron, but it’s rare to see me using anything but driver. I’m more comfortable with it. When it comes to scoring, I’d rather hit […]

The first step in fairway-bunker play: Clearing the lip

The first step in fairway-bunker play: Clearing the lip By Scott Chisholm You’ve run down the fairway-bunker checklist in your head—take an extra club, dig into the sand with your feet, grip down on the handle, aim a little right of the target—all the things you’ve been told that will help execute this shot. You’re confident […]

The 4 Running Lists Every Bride Should Maintain at All Times

It’s Wedding Wednesday! At Twin Ponds, we pride ourselves in our elegant event venue for weddings and banquets. With our experienced background we know that planning can become stressful for the bride or the banquet planner. So every Wednesday we’ll be posting a little bit more about ourselves as well as some tips and tricks […]

March’s Live Music Lineup

Join us for dinner, drinks, live music and dancing! Estate @ 169 Happy Hour | 4pm-7pm Live Music | 6pm -9pm March 1st Main Event March 8th Frank Cannistra March 15th Monk Rowe March 29th Easy Money Big Band   Happy Hour $1 off all beers 2 for 1 cocktails & martinis Buy 1 starter, […]