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These 2019 Groom & Groomsmen Trends Are Super Dapper

Written by: Jaqueline Tynes

Wondering what’s on the radar for 2019 groom and groomsmen trends? When it comes to what is hot right now in menswear, we’ve got you covered. From bold colors to slick velvet suits these 2019 groom and groomsmen trends will make any guy feel handsome on his wedding day.

Here are the top 2019 groom and groomsmen trends.

Photo left to right: Willow & Wine | Allison Jeffers Wedding Photography

Texture is everywhere

Velvet, tweed, and other richly-textured fabrics are giving suits, ties, and more a major upgrade. These tactile fabrics are elevating the standard suit and tie with their warm and inviting appearance and feel. From soft velvets to woven tweed, texture can definitely add interest to your wedding day-look.

Red carpet-inspired accessories

If you’re a bit of a daredevil when it comes to your fashion choices and want to wear something that’s a bit risqué—think Timothée Chalamet or Michael B. Jordan on the red carpet—then you’ll definitely dig this new menswear accessory. Novelty bibs, or harnesses (if you’re into that kind of thing) are the next fad in menswear that we can totally see risk-taking grooms sporting on their big day. Designed by Louis Vuitton and currently going viral after several award shows, these edgy pieces are perfect for grooms with a, ahem, wild side.

Photo left to right: Chris J Evans Photography | Eric & Jamie Photography

Playful patterns

Unique patterns like floral ties and houndstooth suits are giving grooms the ability to show off their personalities. Fun, bold patterns are making menswear more eye-catching in 2019—much different than the classic solid suit styles. Groomsmen can even get in on the action by coordinating with the groom and wearing a patterned tie—like the popular floral print we’ve been seeing for spring and summertime weddings.

Photo left to right: UNIQUE LAPIN Photography | CivicPhotos

Bright and bold colors

We’ve seen navy as the classic color of choice for menswear in past seasons, but this year brighter hues are taking over (totally aligned with the wedding colors of 2019). Vibrant colors like, burgundy and green, are adding a modern twist to suit styles and let grooms make a statement on their big day. Steering away from traditional neutrals, like black or grey, these louder colors can be worn as accent pieces or full suits and are totally made for trendy grooms or groomsmen.

Lucas Rossi Photography

Mix and match styles

As well as burgundies and other bright hues, we’re also seeing colors being mixed-and-matched in menswear this year. Black and blues are being paired together to create a sophisticated and formal look for grooms, whereas groomsmen are mixing and matching their suits and ties. Opting for different suits or different colors gives your overall look a fresh twist that’s totally in for 2019 weddings.