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Top Wedding Color Schemes for 2020

By Wedding Shoppe Inc

Prepping for your big day by checking out wedding color schemes for 2020? If you’ve ever wondered what the difference was between “Oxford Blue” and “Prussian Blue,” your best reference would be a Pantone Guide. One of Pantone’s primary products includes the Pantone Guides – a set of thin cardboard sheets with a series of color swatches, bound into a fan deck. Pantone guides allow designers to “color match.” When a design enters the production stage, you want your end product to come out exactly as you planned it. Color is a feature that you should get right. Pantone pretty much decides what the next color trends will be for each year. Trained personnel take into account colors that have been getting more attention in the fashion field and from there, they observe films, effects, upcoming technology and the like. You may not know it, but they practically decide your color scheme for your wedding a year before the event! In fact, they’ve made a shortlist of wedding color schemes for 2020.

Pantone’s Top Wedding Color Schemes for 2020

Everyone is on the lookout for Pantone’s latest color pics for the coming year. This means that early on, you could already tell which hues will make it to most magazine covers. Here’s the inside scoop on Pantone’s top 2020 wedding color schemes:

Color #1: Neo-Mint

Gender-neutral neo-mint is a pastel shade of green predicted to dominate fashion and interiors in the year 2020. It’s also the first on our very own list of top 2020 wedding color schemes. It’s a fresh, oxygenating tone that is so aligned with nature and yet goes in harmony with science and technology.

Color #2: Purist Blue

Second on our top 2020 wedding color schemes is Purist Blue. Purist Blue is the sunny and softer side of the familiar hue we’ve come to associate with calm and cool. The sea and sky have always been symbols of desire and possibility. It’s an optimistic shade across cultures. Blue and all its shades represent meditation, peace, and escapism. It grounds us and yet uplifts us because of its association with spirituality. Companies are drawn to blue because subliminally, it promises trust, stability, and security. Blue is also a rich color – so much so that those who are color blind can detect it. Out of all the shades of blue, purist blue is seen as the hue that would work well in women’s men’s and even kids’ clothing. (And definitely, a good contender when it comes to wedding color schemes for 2020).

Color #3: Cassis

If you tend to shy away from juvenile pink and purple hues, you might want to take a good look at Cassis – a group of sweet tones that offers a deeper blend of purple and pink. Third on our list of top 2020 wedding color schemes is Cassis. Cassis is grown-up glam. It’s coming of age. Yet it is also surprisingly soothing. When you think of purple, you think of royalty, grandeur, and sophistication. Its understated elegance that resonates strongest across Europe. Why would purple be associated with the wealthy? Well, dyeing fabrics in this tone was not only expensive. It was laborious. Only the royalty and the clergy could afford it. For a wedding, this rustic theme communicates that you are grounded.

Color #4: Cantaloupe

Fourth on our list of wedding color schemes for 2020 is Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is such a rejuvenating color that it breaks down gender boundaries even if it comes in notes that are associated with softness and sweetness. It exudes a nurturing attitude and creates a good balance between the physical and mental aspects of a person. Orange was merely known as “red yellow” for quite some time. But as the fruit became more mainstream, orange has become a household term. Cantaloupe softens the intensity by bringing milky undertones. It removed the overpowering joie de vivre of orange. Pantone sees this as an upbeat theme for the high summer and is predicted to be a well-loved wedding color scheme for 2020.

Color #5: Mellow Yellow

No, this isn’t mustard yellow. Rather, it is a playful shade of it. Mellow yellow is touted to be the next Millenial Pink. It’s also the fifth on our wedding color schemes for 2020 list. It’s been linked to well-loved Generation Z brands and is splashed across not a few influencer’s pages. Psychologically, it is the strongest color because yellow is light and is the first hue that the human eye notices. Thus, it stimulates creativity and mental activity. It also taps into our emotional response by mimicking the look and feel of sunrise or sunset. Unlike other top 2020 wedding color schemes, mellow yellow is strong enough to last the entire season.